Polka-dot it~!


Bad photo… I took it with the webcam.
Nail polishes used:
* Branco (white), by Impala
* Gótico (gothic), by Guga

The black one is very old… I think it isn’t for sale anymore. :/
But I love it, just one coat can cover the white part of the nail. ❤



Mom’s turn~!


Noite Quente, by Colorama.
Mom took this photo with flash, so she’s not THAT white.

Rio Doce, by Impala.
Bad photo… The nail polish is more hot than it. D:
Yes, my nail on the right died.

Oh, well… Blog will be in hiatus soon, I think. Now I’m a high school student, it’s very tiring. =_=


…I would give to Hizome my Amu’s pouch, because she loves it.

…I would give to Michi my figure of Sakura, because she loves Spider-Man. x3

…I would give to Rainbow my lolita hat, because it’s her favorite item of mine.

…I would give to Annie my notebag, because she loves bags and it looks like a television.

…I would give to Natty my keychain, because she loves the number 8.

Don’t try to understand this post. Heh.