Nail polishes, clothes and pens~!


So, let’s start with the first thing… XD

The purple one is Audrey, by Impala.
The white (?) one with shimmers is Flor do Campo, by AVON.

Now, let’s continue…

I’m trying to buy clothes more cool n’ spicy. x3
I also have a checkered red skirt that I used on my Amu cosplay (Shugo Chara!).
The shirt has mini skulls, it’s very cute.

And, about pens… I’ll explain it to you.
This year I’ll do the first year on high school, so I bought my books today.
And, with it… I bought a kit of 10 pens, by Stabilo. It costs R$ 42,90. Sooo much! @_@

Ignore my ugly face. D:
Yay, in this photo you can see the skulls and my cross collar. x3

See you later~!


3 Responses to “Nail polishes, clothes and pens~!”

  1. Annie said

    Sexy. Marry me. ❤

  2. Hizome said

    KOOL EN SPAICHI~! *morre*

  3. dizzy said

    Wow. Que sexy, roubando ali a expressão da Annie 😀
    Adoro a cor do verniz *-*

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