…I would give to Hizome my Amu’s pouch, because she loves it.

…I would give to Michi my figure of Sakura, because she loves Spider-Man. x3

…I would give to Rainbow my lolita hat, because it’s her favorite item of mine.

…I would give to Annie my notebag, because she loves bags and it looks like a television.

…I would give to Natty my keychain, because she loves the number 8.

Don’t try to understand this post. Heh.


New banner


For now, I decided to post in english. I will not translate previous posts, I’m sorry.
I’ve made this decision because I have the link of my blog in many international sites.
Unfortunately, I’m not able to speak Esperanto, a international languange, like my grandpa. And I think many people can’t speak it too.

Hope you enjoy my new changing. 😀

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